Barnaba Classic songs

Barnaba Classic is a Tanzanian award-winning and a well known musician and the High Table Sound records’ founder.

He was born and raised in Moshi, Kilimanjaro in the early 90s in a church family – his mom being a choirmaster while his father a pastor. He is the firstborn of three with parents who loved music.

He developed an interest in music and started off at an early age. He was performing in the streets, schools, churches, or anywhere the music is. Then, at an age of 17 years, he joined the Tanzania House of Talents (THT) to try his way out.

From then to now, Barnaba has grown into an inspiration. Thousands have been inspired, some made him a tutor and made it. So that’s his story in short.

Now take your time to download some of his songs below and enjoy listening to them. Don’t forget to share this page!

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