10 Greatest Songs of All Time by Dua Lipa

10 greatest all time songs by Dua Lipa

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, I bet you are all doing great. Ok! Today I bring this Pop music diva to our discussion. Let us start off by getting to know her in a brief. Dua Lipa has no nickname, she is using her real name as her stage name. She was born on August 22, 1995. Is an English singer, songwriter, model, fashion designer, and actress.

The album was not only the reason her fanbase expanded, but also helped her win a lot of awards like British Best New Artist, British Best Female Solo Artist, and won the Brit Awards.


I would say that is actually the right foot to start off with because, at the age of 22, she has had the whole industry on her knees.

Lipa never hit off target. This beautiful young lady has skills, and vocals and knows how to deliver what she be cooking up in the studio.


We got to know her just briefly already, and now, the following are the ten greatest songs of all time by her. Not anyone but Dua freaking Lipa.

Here are Dua Lipa’s ten greatest songs of all time

1. New Rules

Back in 2017-2018, this song was the UK number one song. It also peaked at number six in the US. If you were young enough not to feel the feeling this song brought, you are not late at all, still go listen to it. It talks about the rules she came up with after being half-loved. That one relationship that you get no attention back, so you create your own new rules that will move you.

No picking up the calls cause you know they call you in their spare time, or when bored and have nobody to talk to. You won’t be their friend and some things like that.
Do you know why this was the number one song? Because that is where it was and still deserves that place.

Quotable lyrics
But, my love (love)
He doesn’t love me, so I tell myself
I tell myself, I do, I do, I do

The song has boasted approximately 3 billion views on YouTube ever since its release date.

2. Be The One

Is the song from Lipa’s first debut album which did wonders on the charts worldwide. It is one of her big songs. This song explains that moment when you are crushing on someone so hard for the second time after doing them dirty. So you have no other choice but to go and tell them that you need another chance to do it right… you could be the one.

Quotable lyrics
Oh baby, come on, let me get to know ya
Just another chance, so that I can show
That I won’t let you down and run
No, I won’t let you down and run

It is such a touché song if you take it seriously.

3. Don’t Start Now

This song is a masterpiece! Love it. We have heard it playing in the background, especially in that movie series named Kung-Fu. It can relate to five to ten people in a group of twenty people. I don’t know how to easily classify the song but, yes, it is a good song worth a listen.

It explains how someone could get jealous when they see you doing perfectly fine after a messy breakup. They thought you would keep breaking into pieces, but unfortunately, things go differently from their thinking – you glow and get happier. So moved to a point where it’s scary.
They start to come around, wish they could have you back, you know that? Yeah.

Quotable lyrics
Though it took time some time to survive you
I’m better on the other side
I’m all good already
So moved on, it’s scary
I’m not where you left me at all

4. Levitating

Lipa’s best love song is this, I could confidently say that. The lyrics say it all. Have you ever wanted to run away and don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, Lipa knows a galaxy to take you.

The moment this song gets played by the love of your life, it can give you butterflies in your stomach, with no doubt, and take you high to cloud nine.

Quotable lyrics
I got you, moonlight, starlight
I need you all night, come on, dance with me
I’m levitating

This part alone can make you go home with those three points every team craves. It was the most streamed song in the US in 2021. The song was originally released in March 2021 as part of Lipa’s album titled Future Nostalgia. As the days went by, the song peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

5. Scared To Be Lonely

This is that one sad love song she made. It feels like when you all don’t know what to actually do. To end a relationship, or to hold on to it a little bit. You all love each other but don’t really have no idea what to decide, or make things work for good.

Picking fights every other day. Cannot hold a conversation without quarreling before it ends. You give each other space, but when you link up, nothing is found to be changed – toxic. Can’t split up cause you are scared to be lonely.

Quotable lyrics
Is it just our bodies? Are we both losing our minds?
Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
Cause we are scared to be lonely

It reached #14 on the UK Singles Chart and #76 on the Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, it has received a triple platinum award.


The initials stand for I Don’t Give A Fuck. It is a song that will remind you how it felt like when you were heartbroken. But this time you are healed and that one ex that you did you dirty shows up and asks to be theirs again. Say they are sorry, and some stuff like, you reply back with IDGAF.

Quotable lyrics
You say you are sorry
But it’s too late now
So save it, get gone, shut up
Cause if you think I care about you now
Well, boy, I don’t give a fucK

The song peaked at #26 on the Canada Singles Top 100 for more than two weeks.

7. Cool
It is a super love song. It is like when you are too excited about the love you are receiving, you lose your cool. If you have that special someone that makes you feel this way, you have to dedicate this song to them. You lose your cool and all for the one you love.

Look. This song is timeless!

This type of feeling people feel every day. So, yes, you may not be the one feeling it currently, but there was a moment you felt it, so at least it reminds you about that great feeling you had. And maybe in the coming days, you will find love again that matters.

Quotable lyrics
Got me losing all my cool
Cause I’m burning up on you
In control of what you do
And I love the way you move

This banger peaked at #60 on the UK official charts.

8. Love Again

It is a song by this British multitalented diva Miss Lipa. A song that explains how love can make you feel awkward but also make you feel complete.

Break you into uncountable pieces to a point you say never again, but out of nowhere, you find yourself loving again.

Quotable lyrics
I need to think that I was made out of stone
I used to spend so many nights on my own
I never knew I had it in me to dance anymore
But goddamn, you got me in love again

This song is in her second studio album which was released in 2020. It isn’t by her only but with the help of Clarence Coffee Jr., Chelcee Grimes, and its producer Koz.

9. Kiss and Make Up

This song belongs to her and the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, formed by YG Entertainment. It is in Lipa’s first debut studio album titled Dua Lipa. The song was released as a promotional song on 19 October 2017. Is a dance, electro-EDM type of song that reached #36 on the UK singles chart, and at #75 in South Korea which is BLACKPINK’s motherland.

Quotable lyrics
Touch me like you touch nobody
Put your hands all up on me
Tired of hearing sorry
Kiss make, kiss, and makeup
How about we leave this party?

Lyrically, it explores fear. When everything in a relationship goes out of the plan and get tired of hearing sorry(s), wish you could get kissed, and make everything up, for a good cause you don’t wanna lose them.
It is a wonderful song these divas put out.

AVvXsEjp 4qlJeDbMzZqvFbR5aCXsE 7WhqdD8VahNgOghqHlmILaH9Q8fR7GhJN8viA AbP6QdX6WS9fsyR5onUdQq EUMPp0XQs2iMNsbItyOFM3sn5QWIxsTQhPEWXxmj7DYgFTqQyvq5aXOdt1UlcMqY6KN3q f70oQdaeY0oZgR1iNwHlqjtO5S2k7D5w=s16000
A South Korean girl music group known as BLACKPINK.

10. Begging

Love is a good thing, and the most beautiful thing is when feelings are mutual. Like you don’t have to beg anyone to stay or even love you. It just happens automatically. In this song, she is begging to be loved back cause she is deadly in love.

Quotable lyrics

Cause all my bones
Are begging me to beg for you
Begging me to beg for your love

This song can be found on her eponymous debut album that came out in 2017, three years after Warner Bros. Records signed her up.

The bottom line

The ones mentioned above are the greatest songs among the greatest songs by Dua Lipa. An award-winning singer-songwriter from Britain. I know she might be your favorite, your role model, and you are watching her closely – same.

I love her music, the vibe she puts out to the universe, and everything about her. Support her music, your friend’s music, and just anyone you feel like they doing good work. Not only the ones in the mainstream.

Thanks for reading this article, don’t forget to share it. And if you have any feedback, I am here to listen – leave a comment below.


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