Embracing Kisoli and Sophia’s Wedding Ceremony

Kisoli Started, that Clearly Means I'm Next!!!

Kisoli and Sophy’s wedding: Tying the knot.

Kisoli and Sophia’s wedding day; 06/08/2022

Firstly, let’s understand the real definition of marriage. Marriage can be described differently. Everyone has their own understanding or definition when it comes to marriage.

But if you are going to ask me what’s the real meaning of marriage? I will say —

Marriage – It is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdiction specifically union between a man and a woman.)

The union wouldn’t be recognized if (by law or ecclesiastically) individuals are forced to be with each other. That’s why you have to plan for a day you two will come together (and/or even gather people) together and accept your partner as your husband or wife in front of an official marriage registrar if it’s a government marriage or a pastor et cetera if it’s a biblical marriage.

But, fortunately, Mr. Kisoli and his groom Miss Sophia chose the one that’s honorable even before God, which is a spiritual – ecclesiastical one.

They gathered people. Started from the ”Bridal Shower” to the ”Kitchen Party” to ”Send Off” to the final one which is the ”Wedding Ceremony”.

The Bible says in the book of Genesis 2 verse 24;

Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh. – Genesis 2:24

Also, when we take a look on on the book of the Ephesians 5 verse 25 the Scripture says;

Husband, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. -Ephesians 5:25

That’s verse is very open, you don’t even need a degree to understand what it means. It clearly means that the husband should set aside what he values to help his wife value most what is most valuable – God himself.

A husband must be willing not only to die for his wife but also to live for her.

There are many books in the Holy Bible that will guide you into creating a happy marriage and enjoy it to the fullest. And, what it I know is, if someone is in a happy marriage, the family blossom and enjoy life and vice versa.

So we see marriage is also a source of fulfillment. It enhance your thinking capability to a point you achieve what desired with the help from your partner.

That’s also can be vice versa if you are in marriage with a person that isn’t not yours; like I said in the paragraph above!

My two cents are: Follow the teachings of the bible about marriage and pray for each other and the marriage, that’s how you two will forever be on the good side.

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OK OK! Now let’s go straight to the hall. Take a look on what was happening in Nzega on August o6, 2022. The memorable Kisoli and Sophy’s day.

Certified spouse
Officially pronounced Husband and Wife on August 6, 2022.

Introducing her to the gang
Second, brother had to introduce her to the ”Gang”.

Bro do the dance
She said, ”I’m not bringing the cake if you don’t dance for me” Bet what followed? He danced. LOL

Bride cutting the cake
She brought the cake and they cut it in the name of love.

Pure love.
… Pure love.

Our brides hugs

wedding picture
If you weren’t there, these guys have ALL of your drinks and everything. You owe them a lot LOL

Wraping up

I would like to spend this minute  to congratulate you guys for fulfilling what God ordered, and for showing the right and righteous way so others could follow. Lowkey, you became an inspiration to many.

You have honored us, brother!

I leave you with this book called Proverbs. I won’t write it down so you find time to read it yourself. Kindly go read Proverbs chapter 5 verse 18. And enjoy a new life!


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