Mange Kimambi is weird and actually needs therapy

Mange Kimambi is weird and actually needs therapy

Mange Kimambi is weird and actually needs therapy – reasons why:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a lot of negativity are currently spreading in the whole Tanzania boundaries and what is even worse it could taint anyone it reaches. We stay hearing this and that – that person, this celeb’s sex tape has been exposed and some sort of stuff related to that. What’s crazy is that it’s all posted on just one App every day.

They are having sex, it’s OK. You too have it wherever and whenever you feel like having it – that’s your body. Mange actually needs therapy, she stays forgetting she has all the rights to live her own life unapologetically.

I don’t know much about her, and won’t ever try to, but I only know she is just a  weird bitch. I normally don’t pay no mind to bitches who have nothing useful to do like her. A bitch who is always in people’s business for a living. Trying so hard; even going out of her fuckery ways to get some stuff that has no business with her.

Whether you are reading this or not, just know that you are an old stupid bitch. Since I normally pay attention to nothing that ain’t nothing to do with me. I don’t know what her App looks like, or where the app was registered to operate from; I mean can people from Tanzania access the Application without using a VPN or not.

I don’t know, but the only thing I know is, no one from abroad (and not have Tanzanian blood running in their veins) will install this shitty Application. Tanzanians are the only supporters.

I said Tanzanians because;

i ) Do you think the government can’t terminate the accessibility of her App in its territory? If the Chinese can’t access social media like Facebook, and Twitter –  that’s huge globally; What stops the Tanzania government from blocking the accessibility even by using the VPN?

ii) Do you think is there a person in the other nations who knows there is a bitch in the world named Mange Kimambi? No. Not a single soul but you Tanzanians, you made her all that.

iii) Do you think if she was exposing anyone from abroad; would she still be alive? Absolutely nah. She would be a dead bitch, And I’m pretty sure her Application would be terminated in the trial days.

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I am just a Blogger with a low understanding in these “Cyber” things but I do believe she is doing too much. She broke the rules and everything she has no rights to run the App she is running.

She has lost her senses, thinking what she is doing is right. Too bad she gave birth; I feel sorry the daughter she delivered. That’s one of the shitty moms in the universe.

Wrapping up: Mange Kimambi is weird and actually needs therapy – reasons why:

I’m NOT telling her to stop what she is doing but, I’m telling you, especially Tanzanians to STOP installing her App and UNINSTALL it immediately.  Since the government failed to suspend it, that’s how you will shut her tiny ass and stinky mouth down. Shut her down from doing some sort of things she is doing.

By doing that you are helping her. You are helping her heal from the Mental weakness she actually think she doesn’t have. You help her save a lot of time she spending stalking up people and make her focus on some more useful things in her surrounding.

You help her gain a little weight cause she is thin for a very long time just because of being too busy with people’s businesses that has nothing to do with her ass. Just by uninstalling her and stop liking her socials posts, you block in the negativity she is spreading out.

For what she is doing, she ain’t deserve all the attention you are giving her. She doesn’t deserve anything she is earning from the attention you are giving. You guys are feeding her for something that ain’t right. You are technically getting scammed without even knowing.

Say ”fuck you Mange” and go uninstall her App. That’s how you kick off the negative energy from your life and fire her weird ass out of your office – you are her boss.

I said all that to say; back to your senses guys. That’s a huge negativity you welcoming into your life. BLOCK IT by any means. Until next time, this is Off Blog Media... FUCK YOU Mange!

Ps:  We are not being used by anyone, or paid to write this article. We don’t hate her, we just don’t like the contents she post on her App. When the therapy is done, and she back in her senses, tutakua sawa.


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