Kanye West’s Most Five Powerful Recorded Sunday Services Songs

Kanye West’s Most Five Powerful Recorded Sunday Services Songs

Kanye  West, or as to how he prefers being called nowadays “Ye”, is an African-American record producer, rapper, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. As of this writing, in 2022, Kanye net worth is said to be 2 billion USD or above.

He rose to fame way back in the days of the 90s, way, way, way back; most definitely two decades have passed until now and he still runs the music industry in the US and the whole world.

Ever since he started making music, he has created a lot of albums, and singles. And being featured in hundreds of songs. He is a musical genius, a father, and an inspiration to thousands.


Apart from him being bipolar, he is also God-fearing. He made a gospel album, and named it “Jesus Is King”. And later on, attended tens of the Sunday Services with his choir and served the living God.

With that being said, I am here to show off some of his Sunday Services when he served the living God with thousands of people who attended.

He traveled nations spreading God’s Word to people of nations so that they can “Follow God” and see how their life can be restored and become new again. Ye is known for being mean, maybe it is just cause he prefers being private, and answers how he wants when he is being questioned by the paparazzi about his personal things and lives the lifestyle he prefers.

Five recorded Sunday Services by the billionaire Kanye West

1. “Father Stretch My Hands”
This happened in Paris, France. He traveled from the US to France with his choir and gave a live performance in one of the theaters out there named “Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord“. Maybe you weren’t there, same to me, but by the video below, you can feel how God has shown Himself off and blessed His people.
Quotable lyrics
Father, I stretch my hands to Thee
No other help I know
My Lord, my Lord
My blessings, if I should tempt them Lord
As countless as the stars
My Lord, my Lord
‘Cause You’re the only power (power)
That can take this world today (power)
Jesus, You’re the only power (power)
That can take this world today (power)
You’re the only power (power)

2. “Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory”
This was live from Los Angeles, California, from his nation. Nothing feels great like seeing your friend, a fam, or someone from your neighborhood doing a useful thing for the community. Whether by inspiring or giving back; Kanye did all of that. And this time he is out there serving and spreading the gospel. Watch this powerful worship below, and see how he has become a blessing to the people of nations.
Quotable Lyrics
Hallelujah, salvation, and glory
Honor and power unto the Lord, our God
For the Lord, our God is mighty
Yes, the Lord, our God is omnipotent
The Lord, our God, He is wonderful
Come on, that’s it

Lift it up to Him and sing it, Hallelujah


3. “Lord, You Are Holy Ballin”

 This also happened in Paris, France, in the same theatre “Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord”, if you know Ricch‘s famous song “Ballin”, you already know the tone used in the video below sounds familiar. Yes, it impersonates it but the aim was to praise and worship the living God.

Kanye West’s Sunday Services have been providing hope and healing to people while praising the mighty God. People’s lives have been restored, and thousands have been reaching their breakthrough after being depressed for so long and facing these life’s hardships.
Quotable Lyrics
We put on the whole armor of the King
So that we can stand and fight against the enemy
Though weapons they may form but won’t succeed
We already declare the victory
Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their stories
By His grace we are walking testimonies
For thine is the kingdom and the glory 

And we’ll praise You Lord forever cause You’re holy

4. “Use This Gospel” 

This is track #10 from his Grammy award-winning best contemporary Christian music album of the year “Jesus Is King” which features rappers like Kenny G and the Clipse. This song will actually remind you of who protects you every day of your life as you live and enjoy every second. God is great. Live from LA.
Quotable Lyrics
Use this gospel for protection
It’s a hard road to Heaven
We call on your blessings
In the Father, we put our faith
King of the kingdom
Our demons are tremblin’
Holy angels defendin’
In the Father, we put our faith


5. “Every Hour”

 This song album version can also be found on his famous 2019 gospel album titled “Jesus Is King”. It is track #01 and is God praising with all the power to land all the thanks and honor before Him so that His power comes down.

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This was happening in Los Angeles where God has shown off and blessed thousands. Even struggling Christians has found a way to strengthen their connection with the Lord our God even harder. Keep on singing until the power of the Lord come down, ladies and gentlemen.
Quotable Lyrics
Sing every hour (Every hour, ’til the power)
Every minute (Every minute, of the Lord)
Every second (Every second, comes)
Sing each and every millisecond (Down)
We need you (We need you, sing ’til the power)
We need you (We need you, of the Lord)
We need you (Comes)
Oh, we need you (Down)

Maybe you need to keep on watching more Kanye’s Sunday Services cause it is so addictive, or maybe it brought some type of a feeling to your heart, don’t worry, I have a bonus one for you. Humans; we are so good at forgetting what we are here on earth for, but we thank you Kanye West and your Sunday Service Collective for staying reminding us what we are here for – serving Him.

#Bonus: “More Than Anything”
This has happened in Paris, France where he and the Sunday Service Collective were with tens in Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens praising and honoring God for the great things He has made into the universe and to His people. PS: kindly read Psalm 23 and believe and glorify Him. He loves you more than anything, and that’s forever, you should do the same.
Quotable Lyrics
I Love You Jesus
I worship and adore You
Just want to tell You
Lord, I love You more than anything

The bottom line

May the Lord bless Kanye West so he keeps making more gospel songs that will gather thousands to worship, glorify, and praise the Maker of the universe and everything found in it.

May the Lord also bless you for stopping by and participating in glorifying and praising Him. I pray that you receive what you have been praying for and witness His mighty hand do wonder into your life. I pray that you get completely healed and reach that breakthrough. That you see nothing but the blessings come down and embarrass all of your enemies cause the Lord our God is the undefeatable God.

You can go purchase his work to support what he do, and kindly share this post to bless others with these words of encouragement and heartfelt found in these videos.

I leave you with this Scripture today, Romans 8: 28 to read and shed a light on you and your paths.
”And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

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