Top Five Most Used Songs by Tik Tok Video Creators in Tanzania

Top Five Most Used Songs by TikTok Video Creators in Tanzania

Top Five Most Used Songs by Tik Tok Video Creators in Tanzania

What’s up, ladies and gents? I hope you are experiencing a beautiful day out there you and your friends too. If you are wondering what this post is about, stay calm, it’s about Tik Tok. I mean the top five songs that are currently most used by Tik Tok video creators.

We all know how many users Tik Tok gets a day; it’s millions of people log in and browses. If not posting, may be scrolling the timeline and/or something like that. Due to songs getting released every other day, it isn’t guaranteed what song will stay creators’ favorite cause trends changes over time.


Since I’m a Tik Tok user I know what songs are trending out here in Tanzania (I don’t know about your place) so it was easy for me to come out with this post. Every time I logged in, I heard the same songs over and over again, that’s when I knew what is what. I can grasp a little about what songs are doing just great in my neighboring countries but I can’t be so sure about what I feel because I am not where I’m guessing things are this way.

Let’s go straight to what we have today,

OK. What we are going to see below are the top five songs, ranked from one to five, that are being used by the Tik Tok video creators from Tanzania.

Five most used songs by Tik Tok video creators

1. ”Buga” by Kizz Daniel & Tekno
It’s an Afro Pop song by the Nigerian musician known by their stage name Kizz Daniel alongside Tekno, the record producer, and singer. The song was produced by three record producers who are Reward Beatz, Blaise Beatz, Yung Willis, and Micky Geetarist.

Runs for 3 minutes 3 seconds and it’s a danceable song that many creators like making videos to it. It was released on May 05, 2022. Click here to download the audio.

Quotable Lyrics
Gbe’ra, gbe’ra
Gbe’ra go get that mullah (wake up)
Mo ni ko kala
Kala gb’owo yẹn o
Kala gb’owo yẹn l’ọwọ dealer
You don work, you don try (try)
You suppose to dey j’aiye (j’aiye)
Kilo kan mi kan pesin matter o
Pesin wey don grind, oi
When I land, I land softly on a sofa floor

So far, so good, ko ni baje


2. ”Finesse” by Pheelz ft. Buju
All of these are the fast-rising Nigerian musician Pheelz and Buju who collaborated and put out an amazing banger titled ”Finesse”. Pheelz being the monster producer, came out with an insane beat that Buju did wonders on it.
The song was released on March 10, 2022, and it was produced by Miichkel with help from Pheelz himself who officially produced it. I rarely go out partying and when I do, this song gets played. You know a song lit when it’s on every deejay playlist.

And if you are a Tik Tok user, you know how hard video creators use this song for their videos. To be very honest, this song is a bop. So it is ranked number two.


Quotable Lyrics
Ahh, finesse (ge ge ti)
If I broke na my business (ye ye)
Ama shana e go bright o (ge ge ti) (yeah)
Folake for the night o (ge ge ti)
Ahh, finesse (ge ge ti)
If I broke na my business (ge ge ti)
Ama shana e go bright o (ye ye)
Folake for the night o (ge ge ti)
Ahh, finesse
If I broke na my business
Ama shana e go bright o (oh)

Folake for the night o (hey)


3. ”Wonder” by Diamond Platnumz
”Wonder” is a song by the music businessman and CEO and founder of WCB Wasafi record label known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz aka ”Simba”. This song is on his latest  Extended Play (EP) titled First Of All ”FOA” which dropped earlier this year.
Wonder is one of the songs that are doing great in the streets because it is danceable and decent. Yes, Tik Tok users are aware of that and they actually use this song when creating videos.

”S2KIZZY” a Tanzanian music producer has produced this banging tune. It runs for a total of 3 minutes, powerfully to leave you satisfied. You can download it here and enjoy.


Quotable Lyrics
Cause you fine and too sweet (Aah aah eeh)
Let’s do this (Aah aah eeh)
We took it (Aah aah eeh)
Girl you fine and too sweet ooh (Aah aah eeh)
Let’s do this girl (Aah aah eeh)
We took it (Aah aah eeh)
Omalicha it’s your body de make me to dey wonder
Ooh wonder oh
Wonder ooh wonder oh
Wonder ooh wonder oh

Wonder ooh wonder oh


4. ”Calm Down” by Rema
Rema is a well-known Nigerian Afrobeats musician and he came through with a song titled ”Calm Down” which is a current street anthem in all of the African streets.  This is one right here, is the song that you are supposed to have in your playlist, ’cause it’s hot.
The song was produced by the music producer ”London” and it was released at the midnight on Friday, January 11, 2022.

Tik Tok is witnessing hundred of users using this masterpiece by the West African musician. I and my friend Miss Irey has already used it. Look, here are the quotable lyrics below. Or just download it below and go create a video by yourself.


Quotable Lyrics
Baby, calm down, calm down
Girl, this your body e put my heart for lockdown
For lockdown, oh, lockdown
Girl, you sweet like Fanta, uh-uh
Fanta, uh-uh
If I tell you say I love you
No dey form yanga, oh, yanga
No tell me no, no, no, no
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa



5. ”Shukrani” by Paul Clement
Paul Clement is actually the king of stage gospel music. He already released a couple of gospel songs and with no lie, he delivers great ministries and people are being comforted and feel restored by listening to his.

Paul released this ministry on September 24, 2021, and we are witnessing Tik Tok users using it when making their videos. If you down want to try creating a video with this song playing in the background, Off Blog Media got you, you can download the song from here, and yay! happy creatingg💪

Quotable Lyrics
Mimi ni yule kati ya wale kumi
Uliowaponya ukoma
Kwako nimerudi
Wale tisa sijui
Ila mimi nimekuja 

Kusema ahsante


You may be wondering where to download this gospel and go make a video, don’t worry I have a link to a page you can download it. Just –

The takeaway

Tik Tok is a Chinese social network that was firstly launched in September 2016 by a Chinese company known as ByteDance.  The world has witnessed this network’s success in a short period of time, cause five years from its launch date, approximately 1.2 billion people are active, using the App on a daily basis. That makes it one of the five most-used social networks in the world.

Okay, so we get it, it’s a lit App in the game right now, and those are the five most used songs on Tik Tok  I gathered for our amazing users. Let us just wait and see what to come, I will be right here, updating you when the trend change.

Now you are informed, it’s my hope that you enjoyed what I had to offer; kindly share this post with friends and bookmark our site for more technology and entertainment news to come.

The takeaway: We live in a go go go culture, where everything should have been done yesterday. Never settle for less. Time waits for nobody.

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