Vuta Ni Kuvute: Young Killer/Lunya Nani Best Rapa?

Young Killer/Lunya Nani Best Rapa?

Vuta Ni Kuvute: Young Killer/ Young Lunya Nani Best Rapa?

Tanzanian rapper known by his rap name, Young Lunya recently released a new song (Freestyle Session 5) that marks #5 off of his previous music sessions.


In his lyrics, there are a couple of lines that are taken as a diss to his fellow rappers, including Young Killer and Young Dee.

Freestyle Session 5” made many cast their two cents regarding how they think is obviously right. Like who is the best rap artist in the game, not just now.

It took Young Killer three days to respond with a song that he titled “Freestyle Session 6” which is currently on trend.

Apparently, these two are different in size, Young Lunya was spotted in the mainstream around 2020 while Young Killer started kicking it on the top of the charts around 2012 upto now. So if you are good at math you can tell what is the number difference.

Okay, now let’s grab the noted lyrics from each song real quick and publish them here and see the flow..

Lunya said,

Stimu mpya same kiko/
Pisi nazo zipo nyingi natembeza spakoz

Killer Msodoki responded,

kwanza I’m the best show killer, waulize wanao kupa tour/
Fiesta, wasafi mhuni nishakisanua/
Kwanza hatujawahi muona demu wako dogo acha kujichua

We know Young Killer has dreadlocks, and in ”Freestyle Session 5” by Lunya, there are so many punchlines in there, you can’t tell which is going to who until that time he threw this line..

Flow ni nyingi sana rasta, utakaa sana…/
Muonekano huna mi mwenzako nimekaa star…/

“…Smart sana mpaka nikivua nguo napiga mahesabu kishenzi/

Killer Msodoki

Weka sura nikuvuruge achia goli nikufunge…/
Nimetake ‘n over tangu yupo Boss Ruge…/

Young Lunya on Wasafi Radio Interview

This didn’t end up only in punchlines, Lunya stands on that line that says “Mimi mmoja tuu kati ya hawa milions wanaojiita rappers/ Ukiacha kufanana mwanzo wa jina you got nothing else/”, because in the interview on Wasafi radio, on the Switch programme he says, .. “ametuburudisha sana, muda ule, ila not anymore, sio muda wake tena….”

Lunya says, Killer doesn’t rap but speaks on the mic and Msodoki in his latest song says, Lunya yells on the mic, doesn’t rap.

Okay, now settle this: Young Killer / Young Lunya Who’s the Best Rapper?

Do you think Young Lunya is on top of Young Killer? Can’t tell, I will leave this thing to you. Leave a comment below – tell us who is the best rapper between these two.

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