10 Uplifting Swahili Gospel Songs for Overcoming Trying Times

10 Uplifting Swahili Gospel Songs for Overcoming Trying Times

Uplifting Swahili gospel songs that you can listen to when you feel let down, lost, unworthy, and even broken and stranded. First, I would like to encourage you that you are NOT alone!

Second, like seasons of the year, life also has its seasons. There are times when you feel drained, alone, and abandoned by your family and friends and God who is your Creator.


What’s worse than that? Hmm! Nothing, right?

We are humans. Humans always want to feel loved and valued. We tend to forget that life is like Sea, that storms and strong waves are what make it.

Beloved, God will never put us in a situation that is stronger than us. It’s only a situation, and you are stronger than that. Increase your faith, and you will be victorious.

In times like those, that when these ten inspirational Swahili gospel songs steps in and help to comfort and encourage you to never forget God’s purpose in your life.

Now, let’s see what I have prepared for you guys.

10 Uplifting Swahili Gospel Songs to Empower and Get You Back on The Track

1. Mimi Ni Wa Juu by Joel Lwaga

Mimi Ni Wa Juu is one of the inspirational gospel songs by a Tanzanian gospel singer and vocalist who is well-known by his given name Joel Lwaga. In a radio interview, Lwaga said he wrote this song when he was at his lowest.

That, everything he sings, is related to the situation he was in. Mimi Ni Wa Juu is Swahili which means “I Am Not Average” or just clearly “I Am Victorious.”

Lord Jesus died on that cross for our sins and what comes with sin. Trials and tribulations and everything were buried with Him that day and got left on the ground the day He resurrected, so you are not average.

Don’t get fooled by how hard the situation looks and think that you are finished, look at Calvary and have faith, everything will be history. It is just a matter of time.

2. Ipo Siku by Goodluck Gozbert

The Mwanza-born gospel singer who currently resides in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Goodluck Gozbert sent out a much-anticipated gospel song tagged “Ipo Siku” which highlights the challenges he faced.

If you are the guy who normally asks God to always find the good in the bad, you will find the strength to make this song an inspiration that will help you strengthen your faith into guiding you on how you can get rid of the tough times of life.

Whatever you are facing today, just know, there is just one day the table will be turned and win the position our loving has set up for you. Say Amen.

3. Hakuna Gumu Kwako by John Lisu

Lisu is one of the top-tier gospel musicians in Tanzania, he inspires many through his ministry. He recently released a god-praising and inspirational song named “Hakuna Gumu Kwako” which in English means “Nothing is Hard to You”

Listening to this song will give you the strength you are lacking and get you ready for a brighter future. Like how God helped Israelites get rid of the Filistines, He will also help you see what you can do for a relief.

Refer to the book of Isaiah 59:01 which says,

“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.”

He hears you and is planning on surprising you with the huge blessing you can ever imagine. He makes all things beautiful in their time. Always remember that.

4. Chanzo by Rehema Simfukwe

This is another powerful gospel song ever released by the Tanzanian gospel singer known popularly as Rehema Simfukwe. In this song, she inspires the congregation that in both times, God will always remain reigning.

At your lowest, nothing has to stop you from praising and worshipping your Creator. Beloved, only God knows why sometimes we have to go through depressing paths, but in all that, staying on God’s side will end up favoring us.

Humbleness pays off. Recognize that God is the only one worthy of being praised and worshipped with all the strength you have, and that makes Him happy and creates a way for Him to take over and rescue you from your sorrows.

5. Nyakati by Goodluck Gozbert

Once again, this song was created by the well-known Tanzanian young gospel artist known as Goodluck Gozbert who God uses him as a vessel to spread His Word to the universe.

Nyakati is a song that reminds God’s people that nothing lasts forever, same to the the darkest times. Pray that God strengthens your faith so you overcome all the hardships you are facing.

When you are going through a lot, it’s hard to wear a smile as you normally do, and you may get noticed because your face always shows that you have something troubling your heart, but I would like to encourage you that, whatever you are going through, never rely on anyone’s advice or help but of God.

John 10:30 can be read out loud without needing any help in understanding what it means..

”I and the Father are one.”

You are with Him, you resemble Him. You don’t have to walk around with your head down thinking that you are finished. Give Pharaoh one big reason to set you free. You deserve freedom, ask and it will be given to you.

6. Naiona Kesho by Martha Mwaipaja

Martha Mwaipaja is a Kyusa gospel singer-songwriter who has been making songs for the Tanzanian gospel music community for more than a decade.

Apparently, the aforementioned song’s lyrics prophesizing a brighter future for self. I love the song because it’s full of positivity.

You have to see it first for yourself so He can arrange it and plan for when it’s a beautiful time to grant it to you. Beloved, everything begins with you, your faith will save you from so much stress you could ever imagine.

Press here if you want to listen to this song

7. Wakati Wa Mungu by Guardian Angel & Paul Clement

Wakati Wa Mungu is a gospel song recorded by two well-known gospel musicians known as Paul Clement, a Tanzanian minister alongside the Kenyan gospel artist, Guardian Angel.

It addresses that, if it’s God’s time, nothing will ever stop His blessings from falling upon you. He will meet your needs and free you from anything that slows you down to your better life. Stay on His side to make the process short.

The question is, are you sure you are NOT the weapon formed against yourself causing you not to prosper?

8. Usipigane by Joel Lwaga

This is another powerful song that I take as a motivation I need in every situation. It’s a song released a few months ago by the top-charting gospel artist mentioned above.

It reminds you to never go on the battlefield trying to fight God’s fight. That, there are other battles you guys have to stay away from and leave God himself to fight for you.

When we think that we can make it on our own understanding, the Deliverer who is our God, sits back and watch. Sadly, we end up feeling let down and depressed. But, if we get the courage to kneel and pray, everything gets handled instantly.

I encourage you to stop thinking that you can make it on your own understanding and call upon God to take action. Why make the process long?

The link to the song is placed here. Check it out and be inspired.

9. Kunikamilisha by Godfrey Steven

One thing I know about our Father is that He thinks good for us. If fulfillment is what you are after, then God is the only one to serve you.

He is an expert in delivering people from lethal situations to higher levels. You want to get positioned in a place where you will no longer feel exhausted, alone, or even let down, don’t look at today, have faith, everything gets better with time – He will complete you.

When it is the right time, what is inside will be revealed on the outside. Check the song out by following the link here.

10. Sitabaki Nilivyo by Joel Lwaga

This is an inspirational gospel song by an amazing Tanzanian gospel singer and vocalist, Joel Lwaga. It’s a powerful song that will remind you that God is close to the brokenhearted, He will heal you and restore you.

I have seen people declaring that every time they listen to this song it reminds them of how far God has brought them.

It might be painful today but as you keep trusting His timing, eventually your time will come and will be restored.

My prayer is that everyone who listens to this song might be blessed and changed. Situations go rough but once you turn to God without any doubts, He shows Himself to you by changing your story.

Lastly, you can grab this song here and listen to it so you can get inspired to never surrender to the devil’s work.

The takeaway

Beloved, always remember that God’s plan may be beyond your understanding. Trust in His wisdom and have faith that He will guide you through challenging times. Embrace the belief that these trials can ultimately lead to personal growth, resilience, and spiritual transformation.

It’s important to note that while relying on God during hard times can provide comfort, it’s also advised to take practical steps to address the challenges you face. Seek professional help if needed, and remember that relying on God doesn’t mean avoiding seeking assistance from others or neglecting your own responsibility to take action.

Unlock that door and go talk to your pastor, teacher, a friend, or family member you trust, might be the one God will use to help you overcome the challenges you face.

In the end, everyone’s relationship with God is unique, so find the practices that resonate with you and bring you closer to your faith.


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