The 15 Hottest Songs 2022 in Tanzania So Far

The 15 Hottest Songs 2022 in Tanzanian So Far

The Countdown of the 15 Hottest Songs 2022 in Tanzanian So Far

Folks, the year 2022 is on its way out, and we have been blessed with thousands of songs by our favorite musicians – globally.


It’s true, some made it to the top charts and some didn’t. Some won some awards, some get nominated in a category where if the votes are enough, the artist can bag home an award(s), and some, unfortunately, weren’t lucky enough to achieve any of that!

But, that doesn’t mean aren’t talented or music has nothing to do with them – no.

The question is, do you remember what was the trending songs this year?

You do? That’s great! Kindly leave a comment below!

And, if you have no idea what was one of the trending songs this year, don’t worry, just sit tight, and keep on reading because this article covers it all.

Now let’s check out what was the hottest songs, the ones that made it to the top charts this year so far in Tanzania!

The 15 Hottest Songs 2022 in Tanzania So Far

1. Nakupenda

This is a  song by the upcoming Tanzanian singer and songwriter known by his stage name, Jay Melody.

This song was and still one of the best songs released this year. Everyone knows how big this song is. We definitely dedicated it to that special someone and all. It’s so sweet to hear.


2. Champion

Guys, this too is a song by the fast-rising rapper known professionally as Kontawa. This song has two versions, the main one that features the heavyweight Tanzanian rapper known as Ney Wa Mitego, and the remix version that features the Konde Music Worldwide record label boss, Harmonize.

Both are amazing! You will be motivated to go after your dreams no matter what obstacles you face in your daily life by listening to this song.

It is definitely worth a listen!


3. Naogopa

Marioo is known by Tanzanians for making only hits! This is also his, one of the best songs released in 2022, it features the Konde boy aka Jeshi, known popularly as Harmonize.

It’s a beautiful love song you should be listening to. The verse and vocals are properly set and written. Something great to update your music collection with.


4. Furaha

This is a banging tune by the Kenyan upcoming music sensation known popularly as Iyanii. Also, this tune has two remixes and both are hot as the main one.


I know it still gets played today in nightclubs, bars, buses, et cetera! It’s a song that goes well with weekends, festivals, or any kind of celebration. You will love it.


5. Mtasubiri

This is a song by a leading Tanzanian musician popularly known as Diamond Platnumz. It is derived from his extended playlist captioned First Of All EP released earlier this year.

It features the famous Tanzanian female musician known as Zuchu, who is said to be his girlfriend. It’s a love song that’s catchy and blazing – you won’t regret giving it a listen.


6. Nitaubeba

This is an astounding song by the Tanzanian musician and the ex WCB Wasafi records key member but currently, Konde Music worldwide record label owner, Harmonize.

This was a single and a promotional song for his most recent studio album labeled Made For Us released in the middle of November this year. It’s a lovable love song. You honestly don’t want to miss this for anything!


7. Dear Ex

You know this guy is hot when he tops the charts with more than three songs! Actually, Marioo is a super-talented Tanzanian musician who won an “Artiste Of The Year” award for the year 2022.

He released a studio album dubbed “The Kid You Know”, one of the best albums this year so far! This song is also included in the album and it’s something you won’t get tired of.


8. Why 

What I love about this song is that it belongs to the Rwandan musician who resides in a neighboring country, Uganda, known by his stage name, The Ben.

Also, it features the Tanzanian recording artist known as Diamond Platnumz. Music is a powerful thing, see how it brought these artists together and made something that will live?

I love to see that. And, if you missed out on this, make sure you listen to it now!


9. Star


This is a song by the Tanzanian trap and highlife music group known popularly as Mabantu. This song is one of their best songs, a song that gathered hundreds of fans and even played a part in making them popular.

Having this song playing on your device is absolutely living in the moment and staying young. Make sure you don’t this out.


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10. Fire

This is a song by Zuchu, one of the trending Tanzanian female musicians who signed a record deal with WCB Wasafi records.

One thing about this artist is that her fanbase has love for her, and a room for her music so when she drops something, it goes viral in an hour.

Apparently, she is very skilled and her pen game is insane, that’s what makes her relevant. Fire is one of them songs that were on trend all this year and still feels new until today.


11. Amelowa

Many said him leaving a label that promoted him to where he is today would cost his whole career, but their prophecy wasn’t accurate. Ladies and gents, I’m talking about the Konde boy who’s known by his stage name, Harmonize.

This song is drawn from his newly released album and still on trend. Make sure you check it out and enjoy your day.


12. Utu

This is a song by the top-rated Tanzanian music superstar, Alikiba. It is taken from his album tagged “The Only One King” released last year but, because it was perfectly made to surpass it all that’s when it had the nerves to remain on the charts for a long.

It’s a heartfelt song that won’t ever go out of fashion. No matter what it gets played, this tune still feels new.


13. I Miss You

Rayvanny, the Next Level Music Records founder owns this song. It’s a song that features the WCB Wasafi records diva known by her stage name, Zuchu.

This song has its unique taste. Listening to this tune will make you appreciate good music even more. Such a melodious track you have to update your music playlist with it.


14. Napona

This is a song by the Tanzanian musician who is known professionally as Nandy, but prefers being called by her other nickname “The African Princess”.

It features the Nigerian Afrobeats star, the Ku Lo Sa crooner, known by his stage name, Oxlade, who played a part in making this song the bop it is today.

One of the extraordinary songs that won’t make your ears hurt because it has all the delicious music taste you have been searching for.


15. Upo Nyonyo

A song by the upcoming Tanzanian female musician known formerly as Saraphina (now Phina). It’s a hot song that closes our countdown this year.

And, if you would like to like to have it playing, it is a good idea. A lot of people are satisfied by the quality of this tune, it’s great, and it’s her breakthrough song. Making her who she is today!


Wrapping up: The 15 Hottest Songs 2022 in Tanzania So Far

That’s all, the top fifteen songs that entertained us throughout this year and still banging our speakers. Honestly are good tunes you can’t look away from.

I gave out the link so you download and enjoy listening to them. Take it all, and if you don’t mind, kindly share the post with a friend.

This is, your number-one music website. Until next time, take care!


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