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MP3: Dr Dre – The Next Episode Ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg

Dr Dre – The Next Episode Ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg

Top-notch American rapper, record producer, and businessman, Dr Dre has finally sent out a top-charted thrilling rap song tagged “The Next Episode”

In this single, Dr Dre features a couple of Hip Hop music legends including Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, known by his stage name, Snoop Dogg, a legendary American rapper, Kurupt alongside the King of Hooks, Nate Dogg.


What’s more, this song was derived from Dre’s music collection name, ”The Chronic” released in 1992 with several hit songs.

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The beat itself and lyrics are legendary, the single was produced by Dr Dre and his fellow Aftermath record producer Mel-Man.

Noted Lyrics

Da, da, da, da, da
It’s the motherfuckin’ D-O-double-G (Snoop Dogg!)
Da, da, da, da, da
You know I’m mobbin’ with the D.R.E. (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
You know who’s back up in this motherfucker! (What, what, what, what?)
So blaze the weed up then! (Blaze it up, blaze it up!)

Blaze that shit up, nigga… yeah ‘Sup Snoop?
Top Dogg, bite ’em all, nigga, burn that shit up
D-P-G-C, my nigga, turn that shit up
C-P-T, L-B-C, yeah, we hookin’ back up
And when they bang this in the club, baby, you got to get up
Thug niggas, drug dealers, yeah, they givin’ it up
Lowlife, yo’ life, boy, we livin’ it up
Takin’ chances while we dancin’ in the party fo’ sho’
Slip my hoe a 44 when she got in the back do’
Bitches lookin’ at me strange but you know I don’t care
Step up in this motherfucker just a-swingin’ my hair
Bitch quit talkin’, crip-walk if you’re down with the set
Take a bullet with some dick and take this dope on this jet
Out o’ town, put it down for the Father of Rap
And if yo’ ass get cracked, bitch, shut your trap
Come back, get back, that’s the part of success

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