6 Stunning Hairstyles for Natural Hair Growth 2022

Simple Hairstyles to Try Out for Faster Hair Growth

Mitindo ya Nywele | Hairstyles for natural hair growth

Choosing a perfect hairstyle can be so draining. Have you been suffering from hair breakage and gotten frustrated from losing hair you fighting so hard to grow?

Don’t worry this piece of article is here to help you.

Bring in the New Year goals! Protective hair styling for natural hair has been a staple in the hair community for many years. However, it can often be misconstrued with just normal hairstyles. The true difference is that protective hairstyles should not pull or tug at your natural hair and should be maintained with your hair care routine.

Healthy protective hairstyles can be done with little to no tension, the right structure, moisture, and access to your hair.

The Best 6 Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair Growth in 2022

1. Braided Crown

This is always an elegant style I love to rock when I want to switch up my protective hairstyles. When preparing my hair for a braided crown I like to work on pre-stretched hair for the best results.

Braided Crown Protective Style
Braided Crown for Hair Growth


2. Cornrows

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Cornrows can be done for all hair types and lengths. The key with cornrows is to make sure your hair is fully detangled and moisturized before braiding and make sure you do not braid your edges tight. You’ll also always want to continue to moisturize your scalp and after two weeks take your braids down, wash, condition, and re-braid if you’d like.

Cornrows for Hair Growth


3. Mini Twists

Mini twists and I have a love hate relationship. I hate them because of how long they take but I love them because of how moisturized it leaves my curls and coils. You can rock them in many ways and even put a wig over them.

Mini Twists
Mini Twists for Hair Growth


4. Low Space Buns

These are your normal cute space buns but with less tension. Wear them low and do not use a metal clamp hair tie for the healthiest option on your curls. These look great after an old wash and go or twist out.

Low Space Buns
Low Space Buns for Hair Growth


5. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are by far the best option for getting braids with added hair because they do not carry as much tension on the scalp and hair. I say if you can sit and get them done for a few hours then go for it!

Knottless Braids
Knottless Braids for Hair Growth


6. Low Twisted Bun

This style takes little to no time and with a tad bit of gel on the edges, this will have you looking like you spent hours on your hair!

Low Twisted Buns
Low Twisted Buns for Hair Growth

Wrapping up: 6 Stunning Hairstyles for Natural Hair Growth 2022

From what you read plus the pictures you see above, I can confidently say you found your pick and soon enough you are gonna rock one of these – that’s great.

If you love your hair, it’s advised to not always go for the hairstyles that will irritate your scalp because that will result to hair breakage or loss. Give your hair time to relax by picking hairstyles that won’t irritate the scalp and support hair growth.

Pick one among the ones mentioned above and you will start notice the growth just after a couple weeks. Write us if you have any feedback or just any thing. Bye and do have a beautiful day!


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