Maua Sama songs

Maua Sama (born August 27, 1990) is a talented Tanzanian female musician who rose to fame around one and a half decades ago.

Apparently, she started doing it at a very young age, but her parents didn’t like it, they wished she would give it up and focus more on her academics, but for her it was different.

Around, 2013, fortunately, she met one of the all-time Tanzanian rappers, Mwana FA who was immediately attracted to her voice and the way she sings. Then, he decided to back her up and do a collaboration on a song dubbed So Crazy

Additionally, she released a couple of hit songs in Tanzania and outside, (songs like “Iokote”, “Nakuelewa”, Zai, Baba Jeni, Nioneshe) nominated for different music awards, including of Best Female Award at the Soundcity MVP Awards 2018.

Myself, I would say, she is one of the best lyricists and singers in Tanzanian, and not only that but also so underrated. The music owes her a lot!

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